Register here for all IAB Leagues for all regions and leagues, from Minors to the Premier League, ages 6 and up, using our step-by-step registration wizard:

1. Click on the "Register" button below.

2. For returning players: Enter your mobile phone number and your ID number. You will receive a page with all your registered family members.  

3. For each player, click on "Register to a new group", then select the team you or your child will be playing on, and click the "Register" button. 

4. Click on the "Pay by Credit Card" button to pay.

5. If you have added your child to the wrong team, you can remove them by clicking on the "trash" icon next to the group. 

6. For New Players: Click on "Open a New Account". Fill in all the details and you will receive a password that you can use the next time you register, and continue. 

7. Add your child(ren) by clicking the "Add child" button, and fill out the form for each child you are registering. And continue, and following the instructions from #3 above. 


 League Born Between Jan 1 and Dec 31 of... 
 Minors  2011-2009*
 Juveniles  2009-2007
 Cadets  2006-2004
Juniors   2003-2001
Premier League   Before 2001








*Automatic eligibility for those born in calendar year 2009 to play in the Minor League during the September 2018 through June 2019 season is limited to those with less than one full
year of prior Minor League playing experience.

Note: Individual exceptions from the requirements of this age chart require the prior approval of the Commissioners of the two affected leagues and/or the Head of Baseball Operations.

Prices and Discounts

All off-line payments (checks, cash, paper credit card forms) will incur a 50 shekel administration fee on top of both discounted and full prices.
Sibling Discounts: To receive a sibling discount, you need to register and pay in full for all children through our online registration and payment system. Once you receive your receipts, please provide them to your Regional Director for verification, and we will issue you with a refund for the discount amount.
Important note for Cadet, Junior and PL players: As part of your registration process, please send a copy of your ID document (or of your parents' ID document - sefach - if you do not have an ID yet) to the IAB email -; or text a clear picture of the ID to 053-427-9940.
For further questions please contact your regional director.
See our Registration and Refund Policy

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