Register here for all IAB Leagues for all regions and leagues, from Minors to the Premier League, ages 6 and up, using our step-by-step registration wizard.
Please note:
• The registration system is in Hebrew and all data needs to be entered in Hebrew.
• On the bottom of this page, you will see the different regions, and their cities. Please click on the region where you intend to play.
• On the next page, you will find the different age divisions per city. Please click on your age division. If there are multiple teams in your local age division, the regional director or coach will advise you which team you belong to at a later date.
• Once you enter your specific age division, the total fees for the year will appear. The option of a sibling discount and number of payments, will appear later on the online payment form.
• Press registration and enter all your personal details. Please make sure you enter all the information accurately.
• If you do not have an Israeli ID number (te'udat zehut), enter either a passport or a social security number.
• To pay with a credit card, press the "תשלום בכרטיס אשראי" button (payment by credit card). To end the registration process so that you can pay by cash or check, press the "סיים הרשמה" button (end registration).
• Next page: Payment by credit card - please enter the last 4 digits of your credit card and then press "בצע תשלום" (pay). On the following screen you will be able to pay and end the registration process.
• A confirmation will be sent to your e-mail after you have completed the registration process.
• If you are over 18, there is no need to fill in the data about your parents.

Prices and Discounts
All off-line payments (checks, cash, paper credit card forms) will incur a 50 shekel administration fee on top of both discounted and full prices.
Sibling Discounts: To receive a sibling discount, you need to register and pay in full for all children through our online registration and payment system. Once you receive your receipts, please provide them to your Regional Director for verification, and we will issue you with a refund for the discount amount.
Important note for Cadet, Junior and PL players: As part of your registration process, please send a copy of your ID document (or of your parents' ID document - sefach - if you do not have an ID yet) to the IAB email -; or text a clear picture of the ID to 053-427-9940.
For further questions please contact your regional director.
See our Registration and Refund Policy



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