Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat
Nir Barkat, the Mayor of Jerusalem, met last week with represenatives of the IAB, parents and players at a meeting at the home of Gil and Linda Troy. Mayor Barkat (pictured back row third from right) spoke with some of the IAB representatives and expressed his support for baseball in Jerusalem.

Jerusalem Lions Baseball Parent Info Night Over 100 baseball enthusiasts of all ages attended the highly successful Jerusalem Lion's ‎Baseball Club Parent Information Night at Kraft Stadium attending by both veterans and ‎many new faces.‎

The kids were introduced to six baseball skill areas. For many of them it was their first ‎time picking up a bat or ball. Jerusalem parent volunteer Naomi Schacter and her team ‎worked hard at registering the large crowd of baseball enthusiasts. ‎

Jerusalem Regional Director Howie Osterer welcomed everyone to the first event of its ‎kind and noted that the success of the evening and the whole Jerusalem Lions Baseball ‎program is a result of the ongoing support of so many volunteers and coaches. He invited ‎parents to sign up with their team and to share some of the duties that often fall on the ‎coaches such as carpooling to games, arranging snacks, fundraising, etc.‎

Jerusalem Lions Parent Info Night Sept fThe Jerusalem parents warmly welcomed our new IAB National Director Nate Fish, who ‎ran an excellent coaching clinic in late August at Kraft Stadium. Coaches received ‎coaching manuals and many new skills to take back to their teams.‎

Baseball in Jerusalem is growing. We welcome old and new baseball players back to the ‎Greatest Game ever... no experience needed... we will even lend you a glove! ‎




Israel baseball coaches trainingThere are a lot of exciting things happening in Israel baseball. New people, new teams, and our new coaches training program.

In the last week of August, coaches training, run by National Director Nate Fish, began. Over 50 Israel Baseball coaches attended training sessions in three locations; Jerusalem, Misgav, and Bet Shemesh. Coaches learned and reviewed drills for hitting, pitching, and defense that will help them organize effective practices that will have an immediate impact on their teams.

The coaches were very positive about the experience. " This session helped me experience baseball like I never have before," said Jerusalem coach Brian Polin. "It was great and a huge eye-opener."

"It is going to take a collective effort from all of us to get baseball to the next level in Israel," notes Nate. "Our success will come from the coaches and players on the field each week."
There is upcoming training in each region. Coaches, please look for sessions close to you to attend.

Israel Baseball: more baseball, better baseball.


modiinbatterFour 1-day clinics in Jerusalem, Ra'anana, Gezer and Tel Aviv. September 22-25.

Each day offers three ‎separate sessions: A beginner's clinic for 8-10 year-olds, a hitting clinic for 10-16 ‎year olds, and a pitching clinic also for 10-16 year-olds.

Over Sukkot, Nate Fish, National Director of the IAB, will be running baseball clinics. ‎There will be four 1-day events at four different locations. Each day, there will be three ‎separate sessions. There's beginner's clinic for 8-10 year-olds, a hitting clinic for 10-16 ‎year olds, and a pitching clinic also for 10-16 year-olds. Sign up for the location closest ‎to you.

The clinics are free for anyone who has registered and paid for the IAB season (please ‎provide a printed receipt). The program will cost 20 shekels/player/session, for players ‎who have not yet registered and paid. Registration will take place on site - please arrive 15 minutes before the start of the session. ‎

Along with Nate, a great staff of coaches including Chief Umpire Leon Klarfeld, Juvenile ‎National Team Coach David Schenker, and members of the Israel Senior National Team, ‎will be in attendance. ‎

Coaches from each region are strongly encouraged to attend single sessions or the ‎entire day to assist Nate and the staff and to learn drills and general coaching skills.‎

The clinics will take place at the following locations:‎
September 22 - Jerusalem (Kraft Field)‎
September 23 - Sharon (Ra'anana)‎
September 24 - Shfela (Gezer)‎
September 25 - Tel Aviv (Sportek)‎


Baseball for Beginners (players 8-10 years old)‎ ‎9:00-10:30 ‎
In this hour-and-a-half session, players with little or no baseball experience will receive ‎general introduction to baseball and will learn basic skills and rules of the game.‎

Pitching Clinic (players 10-16 years old)‎ ‎11:00-12:00‎‎
A general intro to pitching mechanics, drills, and a chance for pitchers to get ready for ‎the fall season. Groups will be divided by age according to enrollment. ‎

Hitting Clinic (players 10-16 years old)‎ ‎12-13:00‎‎
A general introduction to hitting mechanics, drills, and the proper mental approach to ‎hitting. Gives players a chance to get individual instruction and repetitions before the ‎start of the fall season. Groups will be divided by age according to enrollment. ‎

For more info, please speak to your coaches.

Dan RothemWhile you're cracking sunflower seeds and watching Bayern, I'm at batting practice.‎
While you're watching Big Brother, I'm practicing my pitching.‎
While you're washing your car, I'm giving four sweaty players a ride home.‎
While you're sleeping in the morning, I'm already in the middle of my workout at the gym.‎
While you're coming back from the beach for Friday night dinner with the family, I'm still ‎at practice with kids.‎
While you're going on vacation in Europe, I'm traveling to international tournaments.‎
While you're eating hummus and sushi, I'm downing a protein shake.‎

When you have "Israel" on your shirt, it's by chance; when I have "Israel" on my shirt, it's ‎because I'm at work.‎

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