Premier League Spring Training for 2014 began this Sunday, March 2 at the Baptist ‎Village. During the training period, players will have an opportunity to throw bullpens, ‎work ‎on defense by position, hit, get into condition, and prepare for the games. ‎

PL‎“We are looking forward to a very exciting season this year,” says Nate Fish, National ‎Director of the IAB. “We are welcoming back our veteran players, and we will also be ‎bringing in new players who are joining the league. Many of the senior players are ‎gearing up for the European Championships in Slovenia in July, and will be in action, ‎showing why they’ve been chosen to represent Israel this summer.” ‎

For the first time, the Premier League season will take place in parallel to the MLB ‎season, with games starting in April, and running through till October.‎
Spring Training takes place every Sunday and Thursday in March, ‎‎19:00-21:00, at ‎Baptist Village. The season begins the first week of April, so come out and get ready for ‎the upcoming 2014 Premier League Season! ‎

If you’re interested in ‎competing in the Premier League, please contact Dan Rothem for ‎more information - .

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