SteveWalzName: Steve K. Walz

Profession: Journalist and Strategic Media and Marketing Consultant

Team you coach: Modiin Miracles Minors

Years as a coach: 2nd year

Your first baseball experience: 7-year-old day camper (Eagle Day Camp) in Monsey, NY, ‎hitting a pitched whiffle ball over the coach's head into the camp pool!‎

You're a fan of: Yankees and Mets

The player you most admire and why: There are several: Bernie Williams ex-Yankee ‎outfielder who exhibited poise and dignity on and off the field. Ditto for Shawn Green. ‎Jewish ballplayer Hank Greenberg, who dealt with on and off the field prejudices but ‎never gave in to them and deserved all of the accolades.‎

Your most memorable baseball moment as a coach: Taking a "Bad News Bears" team ‎last year and transforming into an over .500 playoff team, working tirelessly with our ‎talented coaches - Head Coach Manson Ho and Assistant Coach Gedaliah Werblowsky.‎

If you weren't coaching baseball, you'd be...: If I had the money, I'd buy a minor league ‎team ‎

Your top coaching tip: Stay focused, listen to the coaches

Your coaching mantra: Ears, legs, eyes: Ears=listen; Legs=move fast; Eyes=watch and be aware

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