orrpitchingName: Orr Gottlieb

Team you coach: Tel Aviv Comrades (Cadets and Juniors)‎

Years as a coach: Way too many but not enough

Your first baseball experience: Wow... it had to do with a ball and bat

You're a fan of: The Atlanta Braves‎

The player you most admire and why: Those who work hard, sometimes being talented is ‎not enough you got to work hard to get what you want.

Your most memorable baseball moment as a coach: National Team (JNT) – seeing the ‎players working hard and encouraging one each other; Tel-Aviv – when they first asked ‎me for some strength and conditioning – now I can't compete with them.

If you weren't coaching baseball, you'd be...: Ah... working High tech.

Your top coaching tip: Throw every day, and when you throw treat it as a throwing ‎exercise not a warm up. Stay focused throw to a target.‎

Your coaching mantra: Process over Product, we (Tel Aviv Comrades) don't care if we ‎win or not, be we do care about working hard, and the results will be there!‎

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