hanukkaimageThe Israel Baseball Hanukkah events for 2013 begin on Friday, November 29. This ‎year's events will be bigger and better than ever!‎

We have two main baseball events taking place this year: The ‎Hanukkah Tournament for ‎Minors, Juveniles and Cadets and the IAB All-Star day with ‎activities for players from ‎minors to Premier Leaguers.‎

IAB Hanukkah Tournaments

The 2013 Hanukkah Tournaments for Juveniles, ‎Cadets, and Minors will be a great ‎week ‎of baseball. ‎The teams will play in the following tournaments:‎ ‎

Minors - Eliyahu Jackson Tournament: A 1-day tournament to be played on Friday, ‎November 29 at Hashmonaim.‎

Juveniles - Tiva Pelter Tournament and Cadets - Ami Cohen Tournament:‎

Round 1: Friday, November 29 - Games will be played locally.‎

Round 2: Thursday, December 5 - Cadets games will be ‎played ‎at Kibbutz Gezer. ‎Juveniles games will be played at the Baptist Village.‎

‎(Round 1 rain date: Tuesday, December 3)‎

IAB All-Star Day

The IAB is proud to announce the first IAB All-Star Day on Sunday, December 1, at the ‎Baptist Village from ‎‎16:00 to 22:00. This is a day that should not be ‎missed!‎


‎13:00-15:00 – Scout Day for Juniors and Seniors with scout Rex De La Nuez from ‎the ‎Cincinnati Reds (by invitation only)‎

‎16:00-18:00 – Skills Competitions for Minors, Juveniles, and Cadets

‎18:15 – Candle Lighting – IAB President Peter Kurz

‎18:30 - Kosher Barbeque ‎- all participants eat for free, including family and friends. To ensure that there's enough food for all, please RSVPclick here to send an email stating how many people you will be at the BBQ, including registered players.

‎19:00 – Premier League All-Star Game

Participation in All-Star day is FREE‏.

Note: Baseball equipment (gloves, bats, batting gloves, socks, belts), and Israel baseball ‎sweatshirts will be sold. Drinks will also be available for purchase. ‎

Looking forward to seeing you. Happy Hanukkah!‎

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