elite trainingThis is the week! The Israel Association of Baseball's annual Enrichment Program begins on Wednesday, ‎October 16. ‎The Enrichment Program is part of the IAB's Elite Training ‎Programs.‎ 
All participants in the Enrichment Program will be invited to try out for the ‎Israel National ‎Team at the conclusion of the program. ‎

Who is the enrichment program for?‎
The enrichment program is for any player who wants an extra day of baseball and ‎the ‎opportunity to work with our knowledgeable Israel National Team coaching staff. ‎The ‎program is available for Juvenile (10-12 years old), Cadet (13 and 14 years old), and ‎Junior (15 and 16 years old) players.‎
The program will take place at Baptist Village.‎

‎650 shekels for any IAB player who is registered and paid. ‎
‎850 shekels for any non-IAB players. ‎
‎4,000 shekels for a team to register (350 shekels per player). ‎

Every Wednesday beginning October 16.‎
Juveniles - 17:30 – 19:15‎
Cadets and Juniors -19:00 – 21:00‎

Nate Fish, National Director; Louie Miller, Juveniles; David Schenker, Cadets; Amit Kurz, ‎Juniors.‎
Assistant coaches from the Israel Senior National Team will be at each session as well.‎

All players must register and pay online through the IAB website registration page - ‎Enrichment Program.‎

Don't miss the excellent opportunity to play more baseball and to play better baseball!‎

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