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  • Meet the Israel Baseball Academy

    The Israel Association of Baseball launched its first Israel Baseball Academy in November. Eleven elite baseball players between 15 and 19 years old from all over Israel were selected to participate in the year-long intensive program, which is recognized by the MLB. This will enable the participants to gain access to Major League Baseball’s high-level programs for top European baseball players. The academy is headed by Israel Baseball national director Nate Fish and assisted by David Schenker, national team coach, and Dan Rothem, former college pitcher and longtime Israel national team player. For more on the academy, please see the video.

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  • Noam Calisar Chosen for MLB Mini Camp

    noamCNoam Calisar, 16, from the Tel Aviv Comrades, was selected to participate in an MLB ‎camp. Noam was sent to Prague in April to try out for the MLB camps with another ‎‎360 players from around Europe. Noam was chosen to participate in a hitting mini-‎camp to take place in Hoofddorp in the Netherlands at the end of June.‎

    We spoke to Noam after he received the good news from Major League Baseball ‎International, which organizes camps for talented players throughout the world. ‎

    What was the selection process?‎
    I travelled to Prague for the tryouts. Richard Kania, the Israel Senior National Team ‎coach who lives in Prague, hosted me at his home and helped me to prepare for the ‎tryouts. The tryouts included infield drill – 60 yard (55 meter) sprints, ground balls to ‎each side and from shortstop to first base, and finally two batting rounds of eight ‎pitches.‎

    How do you feel having been selected for the camp?‎
    I am very proud to be chosen to participate in an MLB training camp and to represent ‎Israel baseball and the State of Israel as well.‎

    What do you hope to gain from the camp?‎
    I am looking forward to the opportunity to train as much as possible with MLB ‎coaches, to improve my playing capabilities and to be exposed to MLB coaches and ‎scouts. ‎

    What age did you start playing baseball?‎
    I started playing baseball when I lived in Japan at the age of 9.‎

    What are your baseball ambitions?‎
    I want to be the first Israeli in the MLB and of course to help develop baseball in Israel.‎

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