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The Israel Association of Baseball is working to develop and promote baseball in ‎Israel. But we can't do it alone. We need your help. To support and sustain ‎baseball here, we need money for:‎

Fields and Facilities – Right now, we have a shortage of baseball fields in Israel. We ‎have plans to build new fields in Modiin and Ra'anana, 2 communities that have ‎already pledged support and donated land for the field projects, and we hope to ‎build fields in the future in Jerusalem and Bet Shemesh.‎

Equipment – The IAB spends thousands of shekels every year on baseballs, gloves, ‎blats, catchers gear, field maintenance equipment, screens, and storage for the ‎equipment. ‎

Teams and Leagues – We have 80 teams around the country, and we're always ‎growing. We need money for uniforms, field rentals, umpires, and coaches.‎

The National Team Program – The Israel National team needs a budget to travel to ‎international competitions, and to generally upgrade our training and competition ‎schedule to be able to compete with other baseball playing nations. ‎

If you would like to make a US Tax Deductible contribution, please click here and you will be ‎taken to the Jewish National Fund website, where you will be able to make a donation.‎ 


The Howie Osterer Scholarship Fund

The untimely passing of Howie Osterer – – has left a void in Israel baseball. In his memory, The IAB has established the Howie Osterer Scholarship Fund in memory of Israel Association of Baseball umpire, coach, Jerusalem Regional Director and friend Howie Osterer who passed away suddenly in November 2014.

The fund will financially assist children from families with limited means, who wish to play in the Israel baseball leagues or participate in the IAB’s various baseball programs such as summer camps, National Team tournament trips, enrichment programs, etc. Howie’s approach to baseball was to make it all about the children and he firmly supported helping players who were unable to afford to pay for baseball activities. By setting up this scholarship fund in his memory, we will ensure that his legacy lives on.

To donate to the Howie Osterer Scholarship Fund, please download this donation form, fill it out and email it to us, or you can make a tax deductible donation via the JNF Project Baseball website – details regarding payment procedures for both methods are in the donation form.

Thank you for supporting Israel Baseball.‎

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