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Summer camp is happening - more details to be announced soon. See you all there for an unforgettable experience. 

Noam Calisar

Noam Calisar, 19, from Binyaminah, Israel, a member of Israel Baseball’s Senior National Team and an Elite Athlete in the Israel Defense Forces, was selected to join the German Baseball Academy in Regensburg, and to play in the German baseball league. He tells us about his experiences so far.

How were you selected to play in Germany?
In the past, I participated in several times in MLB tournaments and training camps in Europe. The coaches in Regensberg knew me well and invited me to join the German Baseball Academy and play in the German league. In February this year, I traveled to Regensberg, Germany and my goal was to practice intensively, and to play in the leagues with the aim to continue on to college in the US or Japan.
What were your expectations?
I knew the coaches and the academy well from my past experiences when I participated in MLB training camps, so I was confident that I was coming to the right place with the best coaches in Europe where I could get physically stronger and improve my game. So, I had no concerns about joining the Academy from a professional perspective. And socially I knew the coaches and players, who received me really well and I’ve made friends very quickly.
Describe your day there
I practice 3-4 times a day, five days a week. My practice day is made up of batting practice in the morning; at 12:00 I go work out in the gym; at 16:00 I work out with the Baseball Academy; and in the evening I work out with the senior team.
On the weekends, we play in Regensberg, or we travel to play in other parts of Germany or in other European countries.
What progress do you feel you’ve made?
Every day that I work out in the gym, practice or play baseball, I push myself harder than the previous day – if it’s in the gym, I’m lifting heavier weights, and if it’s on the field, I’m trying to play even better that day and I try to be the best player on the field. I feel that I’m getting stronger every day, improving physically and mentally, and working on my technique. I don’t waste a second. Every day that passes, I feel the improvement in my fitness and in my game.
NoamC Germany portrait smHow does this program fit in with your army service?
After I was invited to join the Academy in Regensberg, the IAB President Peter Kurz and IAB Treasurer Yaron Erel called me in for a meeting about traveling to Germany. They then worked extremely hard to get me Elite Athlete status from the IDF so that I could travel to Germany to play there. I would like to take this opportunity to thank them with all my heart for their caring and support for me and for Israel Baseball.
A few months later I received an answer from the army that I had been awarded Elite Athlete status and I allowing me to travel to Germany to play baseball.
What next?
I am constantly focused on my main baseball goal, which is to be a professional player in the US or in Japan.
Why Japan?
From the age of 3 to 9, I lived in Japan with my family. That is when I started playing baseball. When my family decided to move back to Israel, I was very against it because I didn’t know there was baseball in Israel. After looking into it, my parents happily announced to me that there was a baseball federation in Israel.

I really would like to thank the Israel baseball leadership and my coaches in Israel, and of course my coaches in Germany and my team mates in Regensberg.

(Credit: Walter Keller)


Beer Sheba Baseball

Chani Tabak, baseball mom and IAB volunteer, talks about her journey from New Jersey to establishing a new baseball program in the South of Israel.

As far back as I can remember, baseball has been a part of my life.  I enjoyed the sport as a youngster, playing a lot of pick-up games with my siblings and friends until high school when I had the opportunity to play on the school women’s softball team. As a parent, I always encouraged my daughters to join sports programs, which in our local community of Highland Park, NJ included softball.  By the time we made Aliyah, I had given birth to Moshe, my youngest and only son. 

When we first arrived, my daughter Adina joined the Hashmonaim softball team.  She was followed by Tara and Martina who also played some years later.  Then as Moshe entered first grade, he was anxious to join the baseball team in Hashmonaim.  He had already been practicing on a regular basis with his dad.  In Hashmonaim, the streets are closed to traffic on Shabbat which left them a wonderful place to have a weekly catch.  Moshe, (along with 4 other first graders), was accepted to the Hashmonaim minors team even though they officially took players in second grade and up.  Moshe loved playing and playing and playing. He has played with a team every year since then.  When we told him we were moving to Metar, we promised him we would do whatever we could to make sure he could continue to play.

Not long after we moved, we decided that it was time for the residents of the South to discover baseball. It was then that we decided to see what could be done about bringing baseball chugim to the Beer Sheba area.  At first, I turned to Nefesh B’nefesh figuring that they would know where would be the best place to start.  They suggested Beer Sheba since it was the largest city and thereby would have the largest population from which to draw participants. Their staff was also helpful giving me leads as to where to hold it and how to reach out to the population.  When I spoke with IAB, Nate Fish said that first you need to find a coach. Once you have a coach, the rest is pretty easy.  I spent many days on the phone trying to reach out to people but a simple post on Facebook got me my coach.  Shortly after we started the chug in Beer Sheba I took a chance and called one of the people who I had spoken with (regarding the chug) and asked if he would be willing to coach in Metar.  He responded positively and the Metar team was formed.  For now, we are playing wherever we can.  The Beer Sheba team is playing in a nearby park and at a local school field.  In Metar, mostly at a grassy open field near a playground and sometimes at an outdoor basketball court.  I hope someday soon we can work on getting better playing spaces or maybe even a real baseball field.

Both teams are very much at the early stages, but after Pesach, we had our first game between the Beer Sheba Braves and the Meitar Magic.  It was an exciting afternoon for all.  The players were so excited to play and see it all came together.  They are already asking when the next game is scheduled.

It is my dream to have a Southern division of IAB with teams throughout the Beer Sheba area. We have had a very successful first season.  I hope that next year we will have a minors and a juveniles team in the two cities and hope to expand to two more cities.  Right now, the first challenge is finding coaches.   If anyone would like to coach or bring baseball to their community in the South, please contact me - chanit63@gmail.com. 

U12 NT

Tryouts for the under 12 National Team will take place from March 21. Tryouts for the 2017 Israel National Under 12 team are open to players born between 2005 and 2007.
Tryouts are only open to Juvenile players who are registered members of the IAB. The national team will practice until the summer.
The tryouts will take place on Tuesday March 21 from 18:00-20:00 at Kibbutz Gezer and on Wednesday March 29 at the Sportek in Tel Aviv from 17:00-19:00.
For players not participating in the Enrichment Program, the cost of the tryouts is 100 NIS - payable in cash at the tryouts. Tryouts are free for players participating in the Enrichment Program.
The Under 12 National Team will likely play in the Tuscany Series tournament in Italy in July.
What to bring
All players need to arrive at the tryouts with a hat, proper uniform, ‎baseball shoes, regular sports shoes (for the batting cage) and water.‎
Don't miss out on this opportunity to play for Team Israel!

Israel vs Cuba

Team Israel defeated Cuba, 4-1, in Game 1 of Pool E yesterday at Tokyo Dome. The win marked the Israel's fourth straight victory (4-0) in the 2017 WBC. Cuba opened the scoring with one run in the second inning, marking the first time Israel trailed in the WBC tournament (29 innings). Israel countered with a run of its own in the fourth frame (RBI double by Ryan Lavarnway), and two runs in the sixth frame. The club tacked on an insurance run in the eighth inning to complete the scoring. Lavarnway finished 2-for-4 with a double and RBI, Blake Gailen (1/2, 2B, 1 BB, 1 SH) posted two RBI and Zach Borenstein the go-ahead RBI in the sixth inning. Starter Jason Marquis pitched 5.2 innings (4 H, 1 R, 1 ER, 1 HR, 1 BB, 4 SO, 1 HB), throwing 69 pitched, 45 strikes…Zack Thornton (1.1 IP, 1 SO) picked up the win and Josh Zeid (1.1 IP, 1 BB, 2 SO) the save.WBC Ryan MVP
Before the game, Catcher Ryan Lavarnway was presented with the award for MVP of Pool A in Round 1. 
Team Israel plays Team Netherlands this evening, March 13, in Tokyo at 7pm (12:00 Israel time, 5am ET)


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