The crowds who saw the movie in Ra'anana on May 7 loved it. Don't miss out. We have added a screening in Jerusalem due to high demand, so get your tickets today!
"Heading Home: The Tale of Team Israel" is produced and directed by Jeremy Newberger, Seth Kramer and Daniel A. Miller of Ironbound Films. The movie documents the amazing achievements of Team Israel at the World Baseball Classic last year in Korea and Japan, as well as the preceding trip to Israel by several of the members of the team. The movie was the brainchild of reporter Jonathan Mayo. 

Tickets are now available for purchase via our website - 

The movie will be shown on Wednesday, May 16 at the Lev Dizengoff Center and on Monday, June 4 at the Lev Smadar in Jerusalem. There are still a few tickets left for the May 16 screening in Tel Aviv. 

Tickets are 50 shekels each. All proceeds go to the Team Israel Olympics 2020 effort.

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