academyThe Israel Association of Baseball’s Israel Baseball Academy had its first practice on Tuesday evening. The academy is recognized by Major League Baseball as the elite program for 14-21 year-old baseball players in Israel.
The program is by invitation only and the following players were invited to take part in this year’s academy: Tal Erel (Tel Aviv); Roey Shelem (Tel Aviv); Noam Calisar (Binyamina); Yoav Moeded (Tel Aviv); Yotam Ben-Amran (Bet Nir); Ilan Klein (Bet Shemesh); Shlomo Lipman (Bet Shemesh); Avi Watson (Bet Shemesh); Ori Wachspress (Modiin); Ofer Bobrov (Misgav); and Assaf Lowengart (Timorim). In addition to this year’s players, a group of 20 players have been placed on a "scout list" as potential candidates for next year.
IAB National Director Nate Fish and National Team Coach David Schenker will co-direct the Academy. Former college pitcher and long-time Israel National Team player Dan Rothem will serve as pitching coach.
Academy players will train together weekly. In return for their commitment to baseball, they will have opportunities to play in the Israel National Team Program, to be recognized as Elite Athletes in the IDF, and have access to Major League Baseball’s programs for the best young players in Europe.
The Israel Baseball Academy is for baseball players in Israel who are interested in competing at the highest levels of the sport: summer baseball in the USA, college baseball, and professional baseball.
“This is a good group of young players who have a chance to do something really special in the next few years,” says Fish.

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